Our Story

As a small family of four, we are very excited to have the opportunity to be able to take the leap, go out on our own and provide our handcrafted products to our loving customers!
From home hobby to proud home business and beyond!
We started out making our Bathbombs for friends and family members, with a few word of mouth projects. As time went and we felt we had perfected our Bath Bomb recipe we thought it would be a fantastic time to throw caution to the wind and take “the leap”.
SO... We took “the leap“!!
In the new year of 2020...... just a few weeks before COVID-19 hit the world.
Very suddenly... with the whole world flipped upside down a lot of uncertainty and really no other option!.. We knew we had to persist and keep pushing forward with a long road ahead of us.

From our family to you
Thank you for your support, each purchase you make from us goes back to our community and helps to support our little family venture.
Thank you for supporting local and helping to put shoes on the feet  and a roof over the heads of our little family of four! <3
We look forward to serving our customers and providing quality handcrafted products for years to come!