Take time for yourself every day, keep your spark shining bright and strong!
Be vibrant. Love yourself. It’s all about #Selfcare!


Pure. Bliss.

Get ready for Spring! With our “Super Whippy” Whipped Body Butter!

THIS is the love your skin CRAVES! Leave your skin glowing with our house blend of Shea Butter and Mango Butter expertly blended with Coconut Oil, pure Vitamin E and other Skin Loving Oils!

Carefully piped by hand to ensure each tub of our Whipped Body Butter meets the expectation of “Super Whippy” with an absolutely dreamy texture!
it’s more then an amazing Body Butter!


Works GREAT for massages too!!


It’s a #Selfcare thing!

We believe in Self Care and understand how important it is to take a moment for yourself! Our passion is providing our customers with amazing products designed to provide a little fun in the tub and an amazing luxury experience.

You will love our skin loving, relaxation boosting Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks while you enjoy melting your worrys away in a warm tub of relaxation!

Looking for a little skin loving after bath / shower care?
You won’t find better then our very own collection of hand blended Whipped Body Butters!

Handcrafted. Small Batch

Each and every one of our bath and body products are hand crafted with love! By that we mean….
Each and every single Bath Bomb we press and wrap, Bath Soak we mix and pack and Body Butter we blend and pipe.

Is made and expertly crafted by hand by a real person with eyes on the products each and every step of the way!
While there is way easier and faster ways to manufacture our products… such as Bath Bomb presses and automated filling and wrapping systems.

We choose follow our handcrafted model to ensure top quality assurance and that only our absolute best bath bombs, bath soaks, body butter and other amazing self care items reach our customers!

Luxuriate Yourself!

Your worth it!
There is more to taking some time to soak in a tub then just sitting in warm water! Take an extra moment to luxuriate yourself a little! Lux things up a little bit by adding candles and some of your favourite music! Of course, our collections of Bath Bombs and Bath Soaks are sure to transform your bath time experience!

We handcraft a wide range of awesome bath time products sure to please everyone! Bath Soaks blended with Dead Sea salts and Pink Himalayan salts!

Skin loving Bath Bombs designed to add a ton of fun and take your next soak to a whole new level!

Our Vitamin E infused Whipped Body Butter is designed with limited ingredients for your best skin loving experience!

  • Doing Our Part!

    In an effort to keep our Bath Bombs looking and feeling their BEST we opted to take a little extra step and SHRINK WRAP each and every Bath Bomb we make!

    We quickly realized, that would mean a lot of single use… POLYOLEFIN… we decided there had to be a better way to wrap our Bath Bombs and started out on a search for, “Biodegradable Shrink Wrap”?

    Honestly, we weren’t even sure it existed when we said it… but search we did and..

    We stumbled upon BIOLEFIN!

    BIOLEFIN? what is it?… That’s what we asked!

    Well, to keep it short and simple it is a “oxo-biodegradable” shrink wrap!

    Essentially it IS Polyolefin, but with a twist! It has a really neat additive called “Revert” in it!

    This additive causes the plastic shrink wrap to be able to be broken down naturally by water and heat in the environment!

    Causing it to break down into food for bacteria and micro-organisms and re-assimilated back into the earths soil!

    Where normal plastics can take hundreds of years to break down, our Biodegradable Shrink Wrap solution breaks down and returns to the earth in only 1-2 years once properly discarded!

    Each and every one of our Bath Bombs is wrapped in this amazing Biodegradable Shrink Wrap and we feel great about it!

    Game Changer!


    We promise to bring our best each and every day that we serve our customers.

    Each and everyday we can! <3

Handcrafted With Love in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.

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