Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this list of the questions we get asked most often!


Q. When can I expect my order?

A. We always aim for 2 day order processing on standard orders. (Under $200)
Please allow for up to a week processing time for larger orders.

Q. I own a brick and mortar retail location, how can I add your products to my shelf?

To provide you with an amazing wholesale experience we have partnered with Buckstone Inc, Please direct all wholesale inquiries directly to our distribution partner.


Q. I see a product on your site that is not listed for wholesale distribution, can it be?

We make every attempt to have all of our products listed for distribution, however you may not see certain products that could be limited release, trial sizes, etc. However, if there is a product that you absolutely must have, are always happy to see how we can assist!


Q. What do you mean by “small batch” ?

All of our products are exactly that, made in small batches with hands on quality control on each and every single product we make! Only our best makes it out our doors!